Cat finds calling as neighborhood mail carrier
Billy The Cat

While other cats spend their days setting up social media empires founded on the virality of their natural quirks, the United Kingdom's Billy The Cat has achieved stardom thanks to good, honest work as a feline mail carrier.

Zack King shared the story of how Billy broke into a new line of work on Twitter, posting a thread detailing his cat becoming the go-between between himself, girlfriend Olga Shipunova, and their London neighbors. It all started with the neighbors attaching a post-it note to Billy's collar to let his owners know he'd been hanging out at another house. King and Shipunova replied, encouraging their cat's new vocation by striking up a written exchange.

Billy took to his new duties like a natural, carrying messages back and forth so a bunch of quarantined humans could share recipes and TV show recommendations with each other, find new ways to outfit him with advanced mail carrying outfits, and just help a few of his favorite giant hairless apes get through pandemic isolation together.

Even when times got tough, Billy losing his "mailbag" and having to pose with creepy little doll hands as a disciplinary measure, he's kept on with his work.

We couldn't be prouder of Billy The Cat's progress as a cat mailman. Before long, with his career as an example to the rest of his species, we expect the streets to be filled with feline postal workers that dominate their new trade by establishing extensive cat delivery routes and the ruthless extermination of any rival non-human carriers.

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