My Girl Shiloh

My husband and I decided shortly after moving in together that we should get a dog.

We walked around the shelter and even took a couple out to play but we really didn't connect to any of the dogs. My husband asked if I wanted to go and look at the female dogs even though I really wanted a male but I thought it couldn't hurt.

As we walked into the female section of the shelter I saw a thin, sad-looking, little girl with giant ears laying on the bed with her head down. I walked up to her cage and she didn't look up, didn't greet me or wag her tail, just laid there looking like she had given up.

I got down on my knee and put my fingers in the cage and she looked up at me our eyes locked, she reached out and put her paw on my fingers. I turned around immediately to my husband and said, "this one". I took her home 3 days later and named her Shiloh.

She quickly came out of her shell and was the most active dog I have ever known. She was a German Shepard mix, I called her an American Shepard. She quickly passed training classes, breezed through agility classes, and when I would take her to the dog park to show her off she was amazing with 20+ tricks.

If I were to leave without crating her, she would jump our 6ft wall or tear apart the couch. She was a staple in my home and if you ever came over or went anywhere with us you would meet this active, sweet, smart, beautiful dog and fall in love too.

I had children and she was my "nanny." Coming to me when they would attach themselves to her tail asking me to please get them off.

Friday, March 6 at the age of 16, I helped my best friend for almost all of my adult life cross the rainbow bridge. Shiloh was an amazing gift that I will never forget.

Britiany Koopman

Phoenix, AZ

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